Cash For Houses

If you have ever purchased or sold a house before then you already know how tedious the whole process can be. Anyone who has bought or sold a home knows this. There are a lot of things that have to be done, and a lot of people involved in your transaction, the buyer, agent, lenders, escrow company, attorney’s, and title company. If you want to avoid a long drawn-out process then we would advise you to give us a call at Cash House Buyers Raleigh. If you need cash then we have it to give to you.

How Does a Cash Offer Work
You may be reading this and wondering what exactly is a cash offer. While we cannot bring physical cash to your house, because this is illegal, we can offer you money without the involvement of a lending company. We simply close the transaction by electronically transferring the agreed-upon funds into the seller’s account. If necessary, we can also use a cashier’s check. This is how most We Buy Ugly Houses and Cash House buying companies work. The process is very easy and uncomplicated, which is why it is growing in popularity.

Close On Time
One of the most stressful parts of buying a home is the time it takes to close. When you sell to us, the closing time is shortened. After the house is under contract, some of our closings take as little as two weeks, with most closing in approximately a month. This is how long it takes to get the title and for any liens to clear, and to collect other paperwork that might be needed. The fact that we can close so quickly is one of the reasons that people decide to sell their homes to us.

How It Works
We can continue to tell everyone that our process is easy but it is unlikely that they will believe us until they have gone through it themselves. Many are skeptical about the process but it is just as easy as we say that it is. We arrange to visit the property and while we are there we will make an offer that you can accept or refuse. We don’t negotiate back and forth, which can drag the process out. If you accept the offer then we can close. There are some circumstances when the closing may take longer than a month but the typical closing occurs within 30 days.

What Is Needed to Close
To close on a cash deal there are certain things that the seller will need to help move the process along: 

  • A government-issued ID
  • The Deed – if the home is paid-off
  • Garage remotes
  • Keys to the house
  • Alarm and entry codes
  • Cashier’s check for out of pocket expenses (pro-rated utilities, liens, property taxes)

Everything that you will need to close on time will be discussed with you in detail. We want to close as quickly as the homeowners do, which is why we make sure that everything is to do so.

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